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Friendz of Little Lamb Kidz™

Friendz of Little Lamb Kidz™ are association, affiliates and organizations that are also in a position to nurture the premise of RCU™ (Respect, Compassion, and Understanding) in the minds of young children. Typically, these association, affiliates and organizations include schools, day care centers, non-profit entities, marketing companies to name a few. However, we are happy to consider any affiliation that embodies values similar to Little Lamb Kidz™.

Affiliation criteria begins with our mutually similar values and extends to association, affiliates and organizations’ reach and influence with children in their normal course of activity. Ideal profile partners will expend little effort in incorporating our message of RCU™ as it is already a part of their DNA – they are simply incorporating our tools to convey a similar message. 

Often, we partner with groups and organizations that speak directly to a specific theme, such as bullying, which is highlighted in our curriculum. By working with affiliates that focus on social and emotional learning, such as eliminating bullying, Little Lamb Kidz™ benefits by collaborating with specialists in this area, and affiliates benefit by Little Lamb Kidz™ featuring and promoting them in their theme-based story lines and activities. The biggest winners though, are children - they learn the lessons, and their families can take action by participating in the partner program.  

When two groups with like-minded values join together, the power of synergy takes over and progress is made at an accelerated pace.


  • Formal recognition as part of the RCU™ message – rights to RCU™ branding and logo
  • Opportunity for direct input in company messaging and direction
  • Promoting your group or organization with themes that speak directly to your audience
  • Periodic articles and writings authored by your company and promoted on our website and in  other media

Are you interested in an affiliation with Little Lamb Kidz™?

 Simply send us an e-mail! Please include:

  • Your name
  • Your association, affiliate or organization’s name
  • Approximate number of members in your association, affiliate or organization
  • Your city and state
  • Special points for consideration

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