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Childhood Bullying – Stop it Before it Ever Begins… and Really Bad Things Happen

Jonathan Hinshaw - Wednesday, April 29, 2015

By Rodney E Henderson June 16, 2014 “Bullying is a choice… the power to choose is yours ”        

 -    www.whatdoyouchoose.org

This last article in this series is in its naked sense, an appeal to my core audience, parents of young children who have the greatest opportunity to squelch the social disease of bullying. Following up on the premise established in my prior article, which is to take a contrarian view to published writings for the purpose of driving my own points home, I have taken an abstract from another source on anti-bullying that I believe, while well intended, actually serves as an impediment rather than support to the solution. The issue is determining the target audience and in the case discussed herein, the target audience is the children themselves. The words themselves are very wholesome and flow well, but I’m afraid that they are far more form than substance. As I have stated repeatedly throughout the series, I believe profound impact in changing the course of this social disease will only come about through the mods of young children, and unquestionably, it is the parents who wield the greatest influence on these young minds.


Staying true to my own challenge to ‘be real,’ to not get caught up in words that sound nice but are impractical, I recognize that the environment that nurtures the bully mentality is void of parental guidance, either physically (one or both are not a part of the child’s life), or mentally where there is an apathetic view to this issue, or worse, and encouraging one in a negative way. In this case, my plea for parental guidance is in vein which simply brings me to the 2nd most powerful sphere of influence in the young mind, school teachers. As in all aspects of early childhood development, it is the combined and reinforcing effort of parents and teachers that shapes the child’s mind for the future. If I could have my way, I would have parents go through a simple curriculum on this pervasive issue but then I would be guilty of one of my own tenets which is to offer practical advice that can be acted on.

In concluding this series, the single most important argument I have been making and supporting is that a curriculum and lessons on anti-bullying need to take place before this behavior ever manifests itself. It’s no different than the decades long war on drugs – it’s a whole lot easier to keep children off of the hard stud than it is to get them off of them after they have become addicted.

  As stated before - this is a long term investment with life-long repercussions.


Yours in early childhood development,

Rodney E Henderson


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Rodney_E_Henderson 

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