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Childhood Bullying – Stop it Before it Ever Begins… and Really Bad Things Happen

Jonathan Hinshaw - Wednesday, April 29, 2015

By Rodney E Henderson

February 3, 2014

-       There are about 160,000 children that miss school every day out of fear of being bullied. 

           -    www.bullyingstatistics.org

There isn’t a caring parent in the world that has not experienced a bullying episode of some kind in their child’s life. While I appreciate the vast amount of information and guidance offered by the numerous websites on bullying, I find many of the ideas offered are somewhat impractical – great on paper, not so great in practice. To be clear, I am drafting these thoughts not as a recognized expert in the field of anti-bullying, but as your everyday caring parent of 2 kids. I am no more an expert than the vast majority of readers of this article. Think of me as a moderator of my peers rather than a field expert - the value I bring to the table is that I am taking the time (and hopefully saving yours) to put these thoughts in front of you in the hopes of raising your level of consciousness on this most important subject and ultimately, to spur you to action of some kind. Whether you buy in to some of the suggestions and directions I put forth or choose your own path in combating this social disease, taking action of some kind will have justified the investment of my time in this purpose.  

Our starting point in this 6 part series is to define our target audience – 3-7 year olds -  and to offer my own 50,000 foot level on how I have addressed this in my kids’ lives  and so firmly believe is the critical tenet in addressing this issue. My high level view is going to sound incredibly simplistic and will probably cause some eyes to roll, but if you have read this far, I am thinking that I have earned another few minutes from you to look for the next discussion points in this series.


Yours in early childhood development,

Rodney E Henderson

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