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Respect, Compassion & Understanding - Part 6

Jonathan Hinshaw - Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Foundation of Child Development Milestones

(6th of a 6 Part Series)

To this point, I have raised the issue of diversity and the critical importance of making Respect, Compassion and Understanding (RCU™) a foundation of your child’s life. If you have made it this far in the series, then I commend you for coming this far (and myself for succeeding in earning your attention). Now we look at practical ways of implementation. This starts with being realistic about how we communicate with our children. The greatest lessons in the world are useless if they fall on deaf ears. Before we actually get into the lessons themselves, we have to earn their attention, and at ages 3-7, it starts with entertainment. In full disclosure, I will be citing my own children’s based media company, Little Lamb Properties, as the model that I have chosen and am promoting to others. With an emphasis on all things that are important to the young child – color, sound and intriguing characters – Little Lamb Properties disseminates the lessons of RCU through a set of wholesome children’s media characters. Our stories focus on the issues of diversity and conflict resolution with the full intent of influencing the young mind before they are challenged by outside, and in many cases, negative influences. 

Our hope is that we have created characters that are interesting enough to invoke requests from the child to the parents for more. When this happens, we are now on the downslope of the challenge. In a very real sense, your child is now asking you to engage with them on the lessons of RCU™. Of course, this is not how they will pose it, but by opening a book and reading to them, or by spending some time with them on the interactive portion of the website, you will have a wide open door to expand on the lessons learned. These lessons are further reinforced on a daily basis by having licensed property touting these words throughout the house – pajamas, lunchboxes, toys, etc. Is this self-serving – yes and no. Yes in that we do benefit if you adopt Little Lamb Properties for this purpose, but no in that my bigger purpose is to initiate action on your part to adopt some form of entertainment that facilitates these life lessons.

Yours in early childhood development,
Rodney Henderson

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