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Respect, Compassion & Understanding - Part 3

Jonathan Hinshaw - Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Foundation of Child Development Milestones 

(3rd of a 6 Part Series) 

While it varies from child to child, most research points to ages 3-8 as being their most impressionable years. In the early part of this period, the child is most impacted visually and would not be expected to grasp the true essence of respect, compassion and understanding. However, with the knowledge and commitment on the part of the parents to ensure these concepts become a cornerstone of their child’s development, presenting these words in a visually stimulating and repetitive fashion at these early ages will trigger the child to ask questions of their meaning. Success in this area paves the way for the larger and more permanent success in truly embracing the meaning of these words. rep It is inarguable that the 2 greatest influences in a young, under 10 years old.

Some may conclude from this article that these lessons start in the home, but this writer would argue that in fact, these lessons start in the school. Wait a minute – at the early ages, our children are spending the bulk of their time in the home and many do not even participate in pre-school, putting more emphasis on the influence of the home, so how does this school system play a primary role at this stage? The answer lies in their ability to affect the parents, not the child itself. Simply stated, the school system is more structured and seasoned at repetition of concepts for the sake of learning. Asking for the school’s involvement in reinforcing the lessons of respect, compassion and understanding in the local community is not a novel concept, and with the tremendous emphasis on eradicating bullying from the schools, should be a focal point. Most parents just need the stimulus and occasional reminders to bring these lessons in the home, and the school system is well equipped to serve these purposes.


Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Rodney_E_Henderson


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