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Jonathan Hinshaw - Wednesday, April 29, 2015

 With the current stories plastering the headlines for the last couple of weeks, it reminds us how far we have to go as a society. I am specifically addressing the incidents at the Miami Dolphins football team and San Jose State University. It is clear our youth are loosing their moral compass too frequently in stages of childhood development. 


If it is not an immediate incident during pre-school it is then manifesting itself in the teenage and eventually adulthood years. There comes a point as responsible citizens and parents we have to draw the line in the sand regarding this type of behavior. Early childhood development programs such as RCU - Respect, Compassion & Understanding will help plant the necessary seeds of conflict resolution.

We are seeing bad behavior that have manifested itself into a variety of actions. Physical Bullying and Cyberbullying have become prevalent in school with now "The Knockout Game" recently being introduced. 'Bullpenning' is another activity starting to take root in the bullying arena. The common denominator in all of these issues is the targeting of weaker individual(s) to be made feel less than adequate or competent. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Cyberbullying Research Center 16.% of high school students are Cyberbullied, girls are Cyberbullied twice as boys and the tenth grade is the worst period for bullying. The majority of the bullied individual keep the situation to themselves making it even more serious. This is why the CDC has charted the high suicide rate among bullied individuals. As we address these issues at an early development stage it is the goal when the child matures he or she will retain the positive imprints of RCU and utilize them daily. Defuse the problem before they happen is the plan.


Until we as a society start today taking a stand to address the source and not the symptoms we will continue to see these issues increase in frequency with more drastic results. If you do not choice the educational content of brand such as Little Lamb Kidz make sure to utilize any of the various resources or associations dealing with bullying. It is our goal to attack this program at the core and eradicate this dreadful problem with our children. 

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