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Why RCU - Respect, Compassion, and Understanding Need to be Taught in Schools?

Jonathan Hinshaw - Wednesday, April 29, 2015

* RCU will battle bullying and offer lessons in conflict resolution


For children as well as for adults, one of the most important things to remember on a day-to-day basis is the consistent necessity for three important things in life, and they happen to be, respect, compassion, and understanding. These three things are integral to all of us in order to have a happy and fulfilling life that is full and well-rounded. In all aspects of our lives, these three words carry an immense value, and furthermore, they are vital to the overall happiness and interpersonal relationships between individuals of all ages, and who come from all different types of demographics. Especially when it comes to children, the words respect, compassion, and understanding are extremely vital to their overall growth and sincere ability for love in general. The future of a child depends on the words, respect, compassion, and understanding in a big way.

Respect, compassion, and understanding have been shortened to simply read RCU. RCU, as a whole, is necessary in schools due to the fact that RCU is geared for battling the issues of bullying in a variety of different ways. RCU is helpful in offering lessons in conflict resolution to children of all ages. In this day and age, bullying tends to be a consistent problem that is occurring in many schools as of late, and this bullying problem definitely needs to be addressed, and fast. Children who engage in bullying behavior have been showed to quell their actions when confronted with children who exhibit a high level of respect, compassion, and understanding or (RCU). Children who are looking to protect themselves from bullying are able to actualize these three very powerful words and to stand up for themselves against bullying in a way that is non-threatening, extremely non-violent, as well as not negative in any way, shape, or form. Finally, RCU is a way for children to exhibit a voice against bullying without the need for aggression, anger, or sadness. 

Here at Little Lamb Kidz, we strive, for the ultimate goal at hand, which is bringing a high level of respect, compassion, and understanding (RCU) to people in general, but especially, to children in schools across the nation. Respect, compassion, and understanding (RCU) are truly the cornerstones from which we all get our inspiration from when we created our child development products. Due to the fact that we offer products which are geared for child development, we are now excited to be introducing products aimed within the very imperative idea of how to stop bullying in schools for good, since it has been such a relevant topic across the country. Here at Little Lamb Kidz, we fortunately have the ability to get rid of bullying in schools by encouraging a high level of respect, compassion, and understanding (RCU) to children of all ages, and that is exactly what we are doing. We find it necessary to instill these three little words, respect, compassion, and understanding (RCU) in children as much as possible, as to help them achieve high levels of conflict resolution skills and to stop other children from bullying them as much as possible. We feel that if we have helped one child to stop bullying others and to learn respect, compassion, and understanding, then we have done a great job. There is no reason for children to have to deal with bullying at all, especially in schools, where children should always feel safe and secure, and that is why we have focused a great amount of attention on this topic. For more information on bullying in schools and how RCU can help, visit www.littlelambkidz.com today! 

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