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Include our Characters as a part of the early childhood education process. You will find that their attributes are in sync with the child development articles you will find on this website.



Little Lamb

Little Lamb, the leader of the group is a curious explorer and a great inventor. Each time she ventures out of her village into a new and exciting story, she meets other animals she had never seen before. These characters look different and behave differently, but she doesn’t let these differences bother her. Instead, she accepts them for who they are and respects their beliefs, one of many important child development milestones.

Her intense curiosity always takes us on a thrilling new journey and in times of trouble her inventions always save the day!



Pandi is a kind, warm-hearted bear that likes to see everyone get along. He is always ready to give out bear hugs and his famous phrase is “group hug!” which he likes to say whenever possible.

He meditates regularly and sometimes he actually starts to float up in the air! But nobody, including himself, knows how it happens. 

Pandi is a dedicated environmentalist who can play an entertaining part in early childhood teaching. He always thinks of other animals, even ones as little as ants. Whenever he sees them, he goes out of his way to make sure nobody steps on them. 



Dovorah is the artist of the bunch and loves to draw, write and sing whenever she can. She chronicles their journeys in an illustrated adventure book, which is why she often pulls out her notebook to jot down some notes or illustrate the scenery.

Dovorah sometimes stops everyone at crucial moments to recite a funny poem she created. Sometimes this poem turns out to be an inspiration for the team, and sometimes not.

She is very caring about others’ comforts, and acts as the “mother” of the team. She always brings extra snacks and supplies along on the adventures but nobody knows where she keeps them!



Cam is the group’s whiz kid - his specialty is mathematics and science.

He is obsessed with solving math and science problems and if he has not solved a math problem or puzzle in a while, he gets hyperactive and anxious. His back pack carries a book of puzzles with them just for that occasion. Once he gets started with such a puzzle, it is almost impossible to get him off of it.

Cam also has a habit of saying random quirky science facts once in a while, like “Did you know the moon’s diameter is a 1/4 of the earth’s?”. His quirky facts are usually related to what is happening and can sometimes even help them on their adventure.

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