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Why Little Lamb Kidz?

This is an educational program which promotes Social and Emotional Learning. Our charter is to impact the lives of children by helping them acquire skills may lead to a greater understanding of themselves and the development of healthy, positive, relationships with others throughout their lives.


Why is Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) important


  • "Every primary grade program needs a carefully planned social-emotional component. All children—those who enter first or second grade with an ability to control their emotions and make friends and those for whom these skills are more difficult—benefit from intentional teaching in this area."


            - Beyond the Journal - Young Children on the Web; November, 2008 (NAEYC)


  • “Schools where SEL competencies are taught have been shown to foster student attachment to school and receptivity to learning, factors which are strongly linked to academic success.”


               - (Blum, McNeely and Rinehart, 2002; Osterman, 2000)


  • “Preschool expulsions occur at a rate more than three times that of grades K through 12.”


               - Walter S. Gilliam, PhD, Director, The Edward Zigler Center in Child Development and   




                  Policy, Yale University.


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