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  • RCU Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

    RCU Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

    The RCU curriculum provides research-based information and tools which encourage children’s engagement and a plan of implementation designed to educate and inspire facilitators. For maximum impact, this curriculum calls for engagement in both home and school environments. We believe all children benefit when the adults in their lives make a conscious effort to promote ad participate.

    Curriculum Tool Box package includes: 

    RCU™ Game Plan - an implementation guide for teachers

    RCU™ Curriculum Scope - provides a complete list of learning goals addressed within the curriculum

    RCU™ Learning Goal Locator - lists the activities associated with each learning goal

    RCU™ Puppets - an integral component of the curriculum as they are featured prominently in many of the activities

    RCU™ Activity Cards - include the learning goal, materials, preparation, instructions, and puppet scripts, song lyrics, and/or poems for each activity

    RCU™ Family Message Letters -located on the back of each Activity Card, these letters foster the home-school connection by highlighting specific RCU™ activities

    RCU™ Emotions Cards - feature the RCU™ characters displaying a variety of emotions and templates to create personalized cards

    RCU™ Physical Activity Cards - feature the RCU™ characters participating in a variety of physical activities and templates to create personalized cards

    RCU™ Rules Poster Templates- to create personalized class rules

    RCU™ Mini Posters - to display around the classroom to reinforce social and emotional learning

    RCU™ Glossary - clear, concise definitions of terms used throughout the curriculum

    RCU™ Assessment - this tool gauges children’s progress in developing social and emotional competency

    RCU™ Resources - a list of resources used in developing the curriculum

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