Social Emotional Learning

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A Word on Social Emotional Learning

Child development stages are measured in many areas. Social Emotional Learning articles devoted to intellectual, emotional, and physical development are abundant. However, there is little guidance and education supporting the introduction of diverse and inclusive cultural practice in early learning years. Little Lamb Properties provides a framework for this to happen, with a particular emphasis on the enlightenment of, and respect for people. 

Little Lamb Story

Passion is never more apparent than in the commitment a mother or father has to their own child’s personal development. The early stages of development are within the her or his own family. But what happens in the child development stages when the he or she is first exposed to children of other backgrounds, or who may look or act differently? Without proper guidance, confusion and conflict can set in.

New media company, Little Lamb Properties™, LLC provides a wholesome path of early childhood teaching to introduce your child to the existence of other children with diverse backgrounds and physical traits in a setting that fosters respect. The characters feature diverse backgrounds that behave and interact like children – they laugh, they live and they love their pals without prejudice or fear. - Read our Mission >>


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